If you've tried to create an account but you've received the following message, it means one of two things.

Please enter a valid email address. Your email must be in the approved list for this store.

1. You have entered an invalid email format.

Invalid email addresses cannot be used on Banjo. Some examples of an invalid format are:

  • Missing @ symbol
    Example: emailaddress.example.com
  • Misplaced period
    Example: emailaddress.@example.com
  • More than one @ symbol
    Example: email@address@example.com
  • Special characters in the local-part.
    Example: email/:address@example.com

2. Your organization has implemented a domain white list

A domain white list is a pre-determined list of email domains that are allowed to sign up for Banjo.

Organizations often do this to restrict access to only those users with corporate emails. This prevents non-employees, such as JoeShmoe@gmail.com, from signing up for their system, for example.


I've tried everything, but my email is still invalid

If you've determined that your email is formatted properly and you're still receiving the message, the issue is most likely a white list restriction.

  1. Contact your manager to find out what email address you should be using.
  2. If your manager determines that you are using the correct email address, please submit a ticket.