Step 0: Get Setup on Banjo

If you're not already, you need to have an asset catalog setup on Banjo. For a demo and price quote, you can email

For more information visit

Step 1: Retrieve your API Credentials

  • Log in to your instance of Banjo.
  • Navigate to My Account > My API Tokens.
  • Copy one of the API tokens or click the Add New Token button to create a new token.

Step 2: Create a Webhook

Step 3: Use the Webhook in a Smart Campaign

  • Add your Webhook as part of the flow for any Smart Campaign

More about Webhooks

Marketo allows the use of Webhooks to communicate with third party web services. Webhooks support the use of the GET or POST HTTP verbs to push or retrieve data from a specific URL. For detailed instructions on the in-application creation of Webhooks and how to add them to Smart Campaigns, please refer to the following articles: