Depending on how you found this page, the term Order Reference could mean one of two things.

Order Reference During Checkout

If you are being asked for an order reference number during the checkout process, the reference number for the benefit of you and your company's accounting team. This value appears on the invoice and is included in all admin reports, so use a value that will help you (or someone else) identify this order in the future. Often this number is a Purchase Order, or Cost Center number. It could be used to reference a specific event such as "2017 Member Conference" or even to a specific person "CEO Holiday Gift for client x" — While this field is required at checkout, we are not looking for a specific value.

Post Order Placement Order Reference

If you have already placed your order and are looking for an order reference number, you are looking for your order number. Order numbers are 10 or 11 digit numbers, generally with a lot of zeros in them, and follow the format 2500000123. Order numbers are displayed in your confirmation email after placing your order. 

To lookup your Order Number, follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to your Banjo Storefront
  2. Click My Account in the top right, under the search bar
  3. Using the Recent Orders module, locate your order. Click View All to see more orders.
  4. Locate your Order Number in the Order # column of the grid
  5. Click the View button next to an order if you need to view more details. The order number will also appear at the top of the details screen.