If you're trying to checkout and receive one of the following error messages it means one of the following things.

Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time.

Your order cannot be completed at this time as there is no shipping methods available for it. Please make necessary changes in your shipping address.

1. You have entered an invalid address or zip code.

We cannot ship to an invalid address. Please double check your address, specifically your zip code.

To check your address, try using our built in address validator. As you start to type your shipping address, you'll see suggestions appear in a drop-down. Click on the correct address to auto-fill the rest of the form. Using our address validator is the best way to ensure your address is correct.

Some other good tools for manually validating addresses and zip codes are:

2. FedEx/UPS is Down.

Banjo communicates with FedEx and UPS in real time to calculate actual shipping rates. Sometimes, that service goes down. Wait a few minutes and try again. If the issue is with FedEx or UPS, it generally will resolve itself within a few minutes.

3. We did something wrong on our end.

If you've validated your address through the methods above and are certain that your address is correct, there may be a problem on our end. Please submit a ticket and we'll take a look.