To access Banjo reports, navigate to your My Account Dashboard.

  1. Click My Account in the top right, under the search bar
  2. Navigate to the Reports module in the sidebar at the right
  3. Find the report you want to run and Select it
  4. Apply Filters to your report, if necessary
  5. Click Search to run the report on screen
  6. To export the report to .CSV, click Export at the top right and save the file

If you do not have a "Reports" module there can be one of two reasons.

1. Reporting is not enabled for your storefront.

To enable reporting for your storefront, please submit a ticket. Someone from our team will be in touch to determine what kind of reporting is needed and how it should be configured.

2. You do not have permissions to view reports.

 If you think that you should have permission to view reports, please contact your manager.

Note: Requests to add reporting to a storefront, or to change permissions, may require approval from your organizations management team. If that request is declined, we cannot grant you reporting access.